Service Oriented Robots
تیم های ثبت نام شده
نام تیموابستگینام مسئول تیمنام خانوادگی مسئول تیمکشور
RRG3دانشگاه آزاد واحد ساریحسنعلیجانپور آقاملیIran Islamic Republic of
تیم های پذیرفته شده

Robotic science has always included a set of software and hardware services and abilities that putting them together and have the best use of this combination has made its foundation. In Robotic competitions and other fields that robots are observed,these kind of services are evaluated in general and in a complex not in a single observation. So it's been seen again and again in robotic competitions that a robot was really powerful in a special service, for example voice or objects recognition but because of hardware weakness or lack of appropriate algorithm of environment manipulation it was incapable to use its service well and although it’s much power, the robot was disregarded.

The aim of holding service delivery robot league is to evaluate each service of a hardware robot in a single way regarding to the relation between robot and man. Paying attention to each consideration in an abstract way causes the service progress and in general it could lead to the robot improvement in different robotic league competition .Also this league can cause the opportunity to represent a serviceable designing in free performance part to combine the sets of services together.


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