Advanced Transporter

In transporter league have been tried to develop a robot closer to the industrial world. These matches have a field simulated to a very large warehouse. In this warehouse we’ll need a robot able to take the incoming goods to their own rooms. This robot will wait next to the warehouse entry and whenever items arrive to the warehouse it’ll take them to their places by going through the specific path. Also in case of need this robot must be able to take the discharged items to front of the warehouse door.


This league is designed for non-iranian residents of iran and others can’t participate in this league.


league's telegram channel link:

League  Chair:

Samia Karimi ; Izmir University , Turkey

Technical Committee Members:

Hossein Mehdipour ; Azad University , Tafresh Branch

Mohammad Tayebi ; University of Tehran

Hadi Sharifi ; Isfahan Payame Noor University

Pedram Zangene ; Sharif University of Technology

Organization Committee Members:

Hamed Hamidi Monfared ; Azad University , Science and Research Branch

Shayan Khorsandi ; Iran University of Science and Technology

Ali Oveysi ; Azad University , East Tehran Branch

You can find the rule book of Advanced Transporter in the following link




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