SimuroSot consists of a server which has the soccer game environments (playground, robots, score board, etc.) and two client programs with the game strategies. A 3D color graphic screen displays the match. Teams can make their own strategies and compete with each other without hardware. The 3D simulation platform for 5 vs. 5 and 11 vs. 11 games are available at FIRA web site.


To begin with
1. Set up the initial strategies for each team.
2. Have a test play before the main game starts.
3. Select "Place kick", a Game State, and choose "Blue ball" or "Yellow Ball"
4. Allow each team to position their players.
5. Start the game 
Play Rules
Game Duration
• Two equal periods of 5 minutes each, with a half time interval for max 10 minutes. 
The tiebreaker 
• Extra 3 minutes game and then sudden death
Game Commencement
• Toss of a coin to choose either their robot's color or the ball 
Strategy Substitutions
• Each team will be entitled for two time-outs to substitute strategies.
• A Free ball
- When stalemate occurs for more than 10 seconds
• A Place kick
- The game starts with a place kick and is restarted with a place kick after a goal is scored.
• A Free kick
- When a robot intentionally pushes an opponents’ robot the opponent receives a free kick.
- It is permitted to push the ball and an opponent player backwards, in contact with the ball.
• A Goal kick
- A goalkeeper charge is called if a robot pushes the goalkeeper into the goal with the ball and a goal kick is awarded. 
- A goal kick is awarded if the offensive team is attacking with more than one robot in the goal area.
• A Penalty Kick
- A penalty kick is awarded for defending with more than one robot in the goal area or defending with more than three robots
   in the penalty area.
When a Goal is Scored
• When a goal is scored the game will automatically show a short replay. 
• If the goal is allowable the referee should press "Exit Replay" to return to the game.
• If the goal is not allowable the referee should press "No Goal" to return to the game. This will automatically remove it from the score.
• To review the goal the referee may use "<" to review the last few seconds of play or "<<>" to review play from the last stoppage.
   Stop frame can be selected so play can be reviewed frame by frame, forward and backward, using the "<" and ">" cursor keys.
• If the referee exists the replay screen and then wishes to alter the score, it can be changed in the "Time/Score" menu.
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