Amirkabir robotics competitions has been held for five tournaments successfully, and will be held in a completely different way this year and the first humanoid robots Olympics will be held at the same time for the first time in the history of robotic competitions.

29 مهر 1395 - مدیر سایت

The pre-registration time for the interested teams to participate in the International Festival of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence of Amirkabir University were extended till September 20th.

Those who are interested in participating in this event can register their teams by visiting the website of the festival.

29 مهر 1395 - مدیر سایت

To inform all interested people to participate in the 7th Amirkabir international robotic competitions (AUTCup218) which is hosted by Iran on 2-6 of December, the official website of the event has been launched. For more information, you can visit the relevant parts of the website.

29 مهر 1395 - مدیر سایت
29 مهر 1395 - مدیر سایت

Those who interested in participating in the AmirKabir International Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competitions can refer to this link and be informed of the schedule.           

2 ارديبهشت 1394 - مدیر سایت

The pre-registration for Amirkabir Robotic and Artificial Intelligence competitions (IRAN FIRA Open Competition) 2018 has started. Please kindly pre-register your team before the deadline and prepare your TDPs and, if required, other materials for the qualification process.

The Iranian FIRACup Regional Committee and the AUTCup Organizing Committee wish all the participants success at the competitions.



20 اسفند 1393 - مدیر سایت