team's technical report prepration format

To inform all interested teams to take part in Amirkabir International Festival Of Robotics and artificial intelligence, the preparation format of report for taking part in international robotics competition is in Persian and English in two parts of Autcup tournament. The technical evaluation criterion for teams is the report which is prepared and sent by teams for technical committee of each leagues in this match.

The format of writing must be LNCS which you can find in the following link:

Teams can use this format to write in Persian as well. Pay attention that the article must not overreach 8 pages and must be uploaded in the registration portal of mentioned team with the appropriate format.

Each league according to their technical requirements will ask from the participated teams to send additional documents for qualifying the teams to take part in the competition. Therefore it is recommended to the members participating in the competitions to check the leagues website pages and be informed of the required documents and send them in time.