Notification No. 1 - Humanoid HuroCup Robots League - IRANIAN FIRA Open 2018

Dear HuroCup League participants

📌 The following challenges will be held in the separate events with a double scores in the FIRA Sport category, HuroCup Major League.

📌 Please take the following items into your consideration:

🎯 In the Archery challenge, a new event with movable target will be held in accordance with the rules of the HuroCup league.

⛷️ A Sprint challenge on the slippery surface, also known as Downhill, will be a challenge as a prelude to the launch of the Winter Olympics. This ski is conducted with free robotic devices with high speed in a straight line without any bending.

🏃The marathon challenge, including a grassland and terrain, passing through mild slopes (the maximum slope and fall of 20 degrees), will be held under the name of Cross Country Run.