About AUT


AmirKabir University is one of the most experienced technical universities in Iran. This university has presented considerable technical and engineering services in the country. These are especially important during the era of post great Islamic revolution.

This university was founded with the name of polytechnic in 1337(in Shamsi calendar) and developed year by year since then. Today AmirKabir University is considered as a main university of technology and has one of the highest ranks in the country.

Some of the honors gained are as the following:

  • Becoming the center of engineering in the fields of mechanical engineering electrical engineering, chemical engineering, textile engineering and computer engineering.
  • Gaining the high rank in Kharazmi Prize and Olympiad students with winning many medals
  • Gaining high rank in world scientific competitions especially in Chemical and Robotics.
  • Gaining the first rank for research within the technological universities in Iran.
  • Gaining the first rank in “industry and university connection” and performing national projects.
  • Signing many contracts with various research and industrial centers.
  • Employing many ingenious students and allowing them simultaneous study of two engineering fields, also entering MSc and PhD courses without taking entrance exams.
  • Providing various modern laboratories and performing important national projects including super computer, super cluster, satellite manufacturing.
  • Holding virtual education courses for MSc.
  • Holding conferences & Seminars in various scientific fields in national & international levels.
  • Leading university in nuclear research and taking part of students and faculties in Iran’s nuclear fuel cycle program.
  • Honor of having myth faces and elected students in the country.

 Currently the university has 15 faculties including: electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, polymer engineering, math and computer science, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, civil engineering and the environment, nuclear engineering and physics, computer and information technology, mechanical engineering, mining and metallurgical engineering, textile engineering, petroleum engineering, shipbuilding engineering,  aerospace engineering and also a site which is equipped with educational and research facilities in Bandar Abbas and an academic unit in Mahshahr with more than 450 full-time faculty, 90 Masters courses and 36 PhD and post-doctoral  degrees, has trained  professionals and researchers  required by the society and till by  training more than 30 thousand people in different fields of engineering and basic sciences it has had a constructive role in flourishing the country’s industry,  economy and basic management  foundation.

The university also provides educational services in seven independent educational departments including MBA, philosophy of science, futures, culture and Islamic studies, foreign language, physical education and chemistry.

Amirkabir University of Technology has put a lot of valuable effort in the field of research and development of research process as a support for quality of education as well as the basis for technological progress and national development next to educational activities and has been successful in both education and research. In this regard, the university has various research centers such as: Institute of Science, Technology and Nano Engineering, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), development of science and technology, space, energy and process design, oil, gas and petrochemical industries, the environment, new technologies, telecommunications technology, and electromagnetic applications, the vector network security, advanced materials and technologies in the textile, light process, optics, lasers and photonics, intelligent transport systems, as well as research centers, including food processing and biotechnology, technology and durability, industry and productivity, mapping and spatial information.

It is worth noting that in addition to university research centers, from incubators and entrepreneurial talent management units, 18 companies benefit as a subsidiary.

Central libraries: libraries and documentation centers Amir Kabir University of Technology is considered as the largest library in Iran's capital and is one of the richest university libraries in the basic sciences and engineering at the regional level. This library includes the Central Library and 16 libraries in Tehran and Bandar Abbas which meet the information needs of its clients in the form of books, articles, CDs and databases. Amirkabir University of Technology welfare services include cultural and extra-curricular affairs, the administration of dormitories, the administration of Nutrition, Department of Student Welfare, Department of Physical Education and extra-curricular sports and Publishing Centre, Health and Consultation center. AUT as in the previous years has been considered as one of the most successful technical and engineering universities in scientific and educational affairs and has had a constructive role in training efficient individuals which help the country grow in different industrial, economic, social and management fields. Based on the outlined vision, the university is trying to reach the highest regional and international levels with the help of the best educational and research systems, as its goal in the next 20 years is to be among the top 300 Universities in the world and be considered as one of the first three top universities in the Middle East.