Wheeled Robots Challenge

Every day, we see bitter unpredictable incidents such as earthquakes, fires etc. happen all over the world. For years casualties and financial losses due to these incidents have bugged man’s mind and he has been trying to decrease the amount of their damage. However, the large extent of the incidence area and the speediness of changes in this area renders the man incapable of offering a solution to save people’s lives and reduce this damage. For example some time ago in Iran, one of the oldest buildings in Tehran, the Plasco building which is one of the most famous distribution centers of various clothing goods, collapsed because of a fire and 30 firefighters got stuck under its debris. According to the statements of authorities in the place of the incident, debris removal in Plasco is harder than relieving an earthquake with a magnitude of 6 ML; because debris removal is accompanied with fire, smoke and oxygen deficit. The thick white smoke that was rising from underneath the Plasco debris, posed a problem to the debris removal operation and each piece of debris that was removed, the fire blazed once more and firefighters attempted to put it out.

An earthquake has happened in a city and thus devastations have occurred in different parts of the city as well as its suburbs. Oil refinery and the airport, the communications tower and the pipes running inside a river which connects the south of the city to its north, are among the ruined parts. Resolving each one of these problems requires a particular method of weldings such as arc welding or gas welding. In these competitions, to simulate welding operation, each of the teams must have a manipulator arm on their robot, in such a manner that the final operator of each robot’s manipulator includes black and blue (each representing one the methods mentioned above) markers so that the robot can perform the welding operation by using them.


Rules V2.0 (updated at 9 Feb 2018) can be downloaded from here.

League chairs:

Rasoul Fesharakifard, Amirkabir University of Technology

Technical and organization committee:

Amirali Setayeshi, Amirkabir University of Technology

Ali Karim, Amirkabir University of Technology

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