The competitions are in two participant groups, Academic and Free. There are both free and common subjects.

Nowadays, robots and intelligent software applications play an important role in our everyday life. Medication, City services, rescuing, Agriculture, Business and finance, Military and even Entertainment and Gaming are different fields of application for robots intelligent software apps that have been successfully executed by these technologies. Therefore upgrading both the software and hardware’s infrastructures in order to enhance the local knowledge about Robotics & Artificial Intelligence and the usage of these in different application fields are now considered as a necessity for the development and progress of the nation. The main goal of the demonstration league is to develop the spirit of creating ideas, creativity and inventing, strengthening the group’s team-work and also taking a step towards the economical goal of the year called “Resistance economy, Production and Employment” and through this, discover creative talents and also encourage innovative researchers who are actively working on Robotics & Automation of artificial intelligence and also attracting support from different organizations and industries to invest in these fields.


The targets of the demonstration  robots competition:

1.      Upgrading the local knowledge about Robotics & AI in order to play an effective role in the nation’s “technology and innovation” system by students and academics.

2.      Encouraging innovative and creative vision.

3.      Providing a platform for researchers to present their new ideas and supporting them to commercialize their achievements.

4.      Providing a platform for organizations, companies and industries to discuss their needs and issues so to get different approaches and solutions by the researchers.

5.       Giving the opportunity for discussions and dialogue between researchers and artisans about potential cooperation.

6.      Increase the motivation of students and academics that are talented and powerful.

7.      Making students familiar with other research activities related to Robotics, Automation and AI.

8.      Creating a cheerful atmosphere for the students to encourage them for researching and to join applicable and knowledge-based research teams.


The competitions are in two participant groups, Academic and Free. There are both free and common subjects. In the common subjects section it is expected that participants present their achievements related to Medication, Intelligent toys, Sports and Education. The free subjects section is for designing and producing any equipment related to Robotics, Automation and AI. These competitions do not have any limitation on the presentation of the achievements of students and the purpose is to introduce intelligent productions in all relevant fields.

Proper scientific presentation, Technical report and proper documentation of the ideas of the design, comparison with domestic and foreign models, innovation, Creativity and being initiative in production, effectivity of the design in the society and industry, economic efficiency, applications and the ability of execution of the plan are all criterion of superior teams.

Rules can be downloaded from here.

League Organization Committee Chair:

Farshad Khadivar, Sharif University of Technology

League Scientific Committee Chair:

Mohsen Khajehzadeh, Amirkabir University of Technology

Technical and Scientific Committee Members:

Hamed Ghafarirad, Amirkabir University of Technology

Rasul Fesharakifard, Amirkabir University of Technology

Mohammad Azam Khosravi, Amirkabir University of Technology

Farshad Khadivar, Sharif University of Technology

Farnaz Mahan, University of Tabriz

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