Autonomous Cars Race

Autonomous cars league which will be held for the first time in FIRACup IranOpen 2019 has a goal of autonomous control of RC cars with Ackerman steering mechanism in the scale of 1/10. This competition has two section of urban and road environment. In the urban environment, the main goal is to move toward the city autonomously by following the road signs. In the road environment, cars have to follow a track as fast as possible on their own while passing specific checkpoints. Algorithms developed during this event can lead to real size autonomous cars in the future.

League Chair:

Mir Alireza Athari, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran.

Technical and Organization Committee:


Contact Us:

You can contact the technical commitee the following email address :

The Autonomous Car Race competitions' rules can be downloaded from the following link here


Final Results : 

1. Taura Bots - Colin : 531.25

2. UTMT : 413.87

3. Microdev : 250.02

4. AUTMan - AC : 239.24

5. CSIW : N/P

Technical challenge winner :



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