Autonomous Race U19

The goal of FIRA Air - Drone Race competition is encouraging young students to learn how to program a drone for agile and autonomous navigation. This competition focuses on programming a drone (a commercial or home-built one) for autonomous navigation as fast as possible. The participant teams can either buy a drone or build their own for this competition but using a commercially-available and programmable drone would help them to focus on the programming aspect of the competition.

League Chair:

Farzad Ahmadinejad, Amirkabir University of Technology

Technical and Organization Committees:

Nima Salehi Ahangar, Iran's Unversity of Science and Technology

Amirali Setayeshi , Amirkabir University of Technology

Ghazal Fazlali, Islamic Azad University


Contact Us:

The Autonomous Race U19 competitions' rules can be downloaded from the following link here

A guide on how to program for the Tello drone is available in this link.



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