SimuroSot RoboChallenge

The following rules and regulations govern the game of SimuroSot Robo Obstacle avoidance challenge. The rules and regulations stated are to ensure fair competition takes place. The objective of the SimuroSot Robo Obstacle avoidance challenge is to allow researchers to develop control algorithms, path planning, and obstacle identification strategies without the need for complex and costly hardware setup. Teams are encouraged to use the simulation platform for the evaluation of their algorithms and eventually to participle in the RoboSot obstacle avoidance challenge which is exposed to real-world conditions.

TurtleBot Robot:


Simurosot Chair:


Mohammad Mahdi Rahimi, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)


League Chair:

, Sharif University of Technology

Technical and Organization Committees:

Mohammadhossein Goharinejad, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)

, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)

Mohammad Javadi, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)

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The SimuroSot RoboChallenge Obstacle Avoidance rules can be downloaded from the following link here
Rules may be changed due to new changed of Firacup 2019 Simulation Software Link:

Team Description Paper Format

As part of the qualification procedure, every team must submit a Team Description Paper (TDP). Teams that present substandard TDPs will not qualify for the AUTCup tournament.


All TDPs should follow these guidelines:

  • The TDP should contain a brief description of the team, with citations to previous TDPs and the team's website where appropriate.
  • The TDP should focus on innovations that the team has produced with respect to their previous TDPs. These innovations should be described in detail, to facilitate reproducibility for other teams, where possible.
  • The TDP should have a clear structure and it should be written in clear English.
  • The TDP should be formatted according to the Springer LNAI format, as the symposium submissions.
  • The TDP should describe in detail the aspects of the team’s system which most contribute to its success.
  • The TDP should be at least 6 pages long.
  • To maximize the effectiveness of TDPs, all top 8 teams are also requested to make a presentation of their TDP at the competition event.



Your team video must contain at least 1 minute of unedited continuous footage. The qualification video can be either of the following types, although preference will be given to item 1 (then 2 and last 3):

  1. A video of your robot participating in a FiraCup standard game (i.e. a game at FiraCup or one of the local regional competitions). The video should show obstacle avoidance and image processing. 
  2. A video of all setup from start PC to run the gazebo and your code and get good enough result.

The team video is used by the OC to determine the readiness of a team to compete effectively and is part of the criteria in ranking teams in the qualification process. Teams are advised to submit a video that best demonstrates the readiness of the team to compete in an international competition.


Please pay attention to the following:

  • Please submit a single video file.
  • The video must be stored on your own server or a reliable online video hosting service (it is better to provide more than 1 link to the video).
  • Do NOT send the video as an attachment to the mailing list nor to the organization committee!



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