Cliff Hanger/Lightweight


(Robots BATTLE FOR SURVIVE on Dohyo)



This Robots have to fight to push their Rival and kick them out from battle field . this must be happen without any Damage and just with pushing. . 


It has been tried to create restrictions on Dimensions and power
  to teams can Design and Run their Robots whit low cost.
and they can compete in this league .  

the league  Runs in two general Class

1. heavy weight  M<3Kg

2.Light weight      M<1Kg

first, second and third place in each class Will receive License to participate in World Championships (FIRA WORLD CUP)

                                                             this is recommanded for teams to use available robots platform . For more information about this league read the Ruls availbale on the site .




league supervisor : Hosein Niroomand



technical supervisor of the team : AhamdAli Malakooti - Ferdowsi University of Mash'had (FUM)












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