Holding the first Humanoid Robots Olympics in Iran

Amirkabir robotics competitions has been held for five tournaments successfully, and will be held in a completely different way this year and the first humanoid robots Olympics will be held at the same time for the first time in the history of robotic competitions. According to Dr. Sadeghnezhad ,the  secretary of international robotics and artificial intelligence of Amirkabir University, the major leagues for university students are in five different categories which are humanoid robots, deminer robots, at work robots, MAVs and advanced routing robots.

He said:”for the first time in humanoid robots league we have arranged an Olympics and these humanoid robots in the current tournament of Amirkabir University will compete in football, basketball, shooting, weight lifting, rugby, gymnastics, taekwondo and some fields in the athletics.”

He also added “Knowing that the international Amirkabir robotics competition is under supervision and cooperation of the International Federation of Robotics (FIRA) we are hopeful that holding the humanoid Olympics competitions would be a start for recognizing these kinds of competitions in future FIRA competitions and global expansion of it in more advanced levels.”

He informed us about the difference of this year’s competition and the previous ones:” Last year in collaboration with the Robotics Society of Afghanistan, the festival of non-Iranian students robotic competitions were held alongside of the main festival. But this year at the request of non-Iranian students the mentioned festivals are aggregated and will be held in advanced routing league.”

The director of the Scientific Association of Amirkabir Industrial University said the junior league in held in three categories including humanoids robots, transporter robots and routing robots which the primary routing robots league will be dedicated to non-Iranian teams only.”

He also mentioned the outlines of the festival which is holding an exhibition of the latest achievements and innovations in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence with representative of university departments, research centers and private companies.

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